Giving Back - Tree of Life

Our giving back to nature campaign is a tribute to Mother Earth. It's time to give back to nature, one of our eternal sources of inspiration. The iconic Tree of Life Collection has become a significant part of our identity over the past two decades and is the key element in our sustainability campaign.

For every piece of jewelry sold from our Tree of Life Collection, we will plant a tree in collaboration with a Danish non-profit organization. All trees are planted in the Hatin province close to our factory in North Vietnam.

Our tree planting project works to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere as well as provide socio-economic benefits for the local farmers. After a planted tree has soaked up all the possible CO2 from the atmosphere, it can be harvested and sold. Once a tree has been harvested, a new one will be planted in its place, ensuring that a tree will always grow for every piece of jewelry sold.

It's time to give back

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