A world of jewelry

“As I began my journey in the world of jewelry, I immediately fell in love with the entire process from picking out the delicate gems to creating glamorous and stunning jewelry. A sudden inexhaustible creative resource – I instantly discovered my passion”.

- Julie sandlau

Our Materials

Exclusive gemstones

One of Julie Sandlau's characteristics has always been her sense of selecting the beautiful gems and crystals and bringing them to life in elegant jewelry.

Our moonstones are carefully selected and matched in pairs for each piece of jewelry. The moonstone is said to have a cmagical moon connection and is often used as an amulet for travelers, love and wisdom. The moonstone is available in a wide range of colors from white to blue, and brown, and has an incredibly beautiful sheen. When you study them closely you see how the stone is shining from within.

Freshwater Pearls

The pearls used in our collections are natural freshwater pearls. As the name suggests, these pearls originate from freshwater mussels. Freshwater pearls come in many various shapes, both oval, round, rice-shaped and teardrop. They are available in natural colors such as white, grey, pink, lavender and peach.

Freshwater mussels can live up to 150 years, and a regular sized freshwater pearl often spends 5-7 years in the mussel. Our pearls are AAA quality which corresponds to the top 5% of all pearls harvested a year. When working with genuine pearls, it is important to remember that they are naturally made. It can therefore not be avoided that the pearls vary in shape, color, and size. Each pearl is matched in pairs at the factory for each piece of jewelry.

Certified Diamonds

All of our diamonds are certified with “The Kimberley Certificate of Origin,” a certification developed by United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which guarantees that the diamonds are not mined from conflict zones.

Diamonds are valued from what we call “the 4 C’s”:


The weight of the diamond is called carat. 


The diamond’s clarity describes if the diamond has small inclusions. Our Diamonds are certified with SI - Slight Inclusion.


Most diamonds are yellow or brown, whereas the clear diamonds are rarer and more desirable. The color of the diamond is evaluated on a scale from D (exceptional white +) to S-Z (tinted color). Our diamonds are classified as Top Wesselton, which means Rare White +.


A diamond’s cut is very important and determines how much light, and brilliance is seen in the diamond, this is what brings the beauty to the diamond. If the cut is too low, the light will disappear from the bottom of the diamond, and if the cut is too deep the light disappears. The perfect cut with the right proportions will make the light reflect through the top of the diamond, which is called “Table”. It is this beautiful shine, and light that characterizes a real diamond.

Recycled precious metals

Our jewelry are made in rhodium or 22 carat gold plated recycled 925 Sterling Silver, and our Fine Jewelry is produced in 18 carat gold, and white gold. 18 carat gold is stamped 750, which indicates that the jewelry contains 75% gold.

We use recycled gold and silver, to avoid the need to extract new gold from mines and the underground. That’s why we only purchase recovered precious metals from our certified suppliers and put them back in the cycle for an eternal life.

Bespoke Jewelry


Into every girls life a little diamond should fall

- Elizabeth Taylor

Bespoke Jewelry - Uniquely yours


Do you have any special wishes or dreams? We have designed Bespoke Jewelry for both men and women in gold, white gold and diamonds.

You are always welcome to contact us and get to know more, whether it is an engagement ring, Name Tag necklace, a personal engraving or something else you are dreaming about.

Name Tag Necklace

We have designed this beautiful Name Tag necklace for the Olympic swimmer Pernille Blume. It is carefully created in 14 carat gold with 167 handset Top Wesselton diamonds. The chain is 50 cm long and can be made with any desired name.

Price depends on the number of letters and materials.

Bespoke Diamond Bracelet

We have designed this beautiful bespoke bracelet for a private customer - the bracelet is made of 14 carat recycled gold. The lock is embellished with 88 handset Top Wesselton diamonds.

The bracelet can be made in any size, and price is available on request.

Curb Chain Ring

This beautiful ring is created of 18 carat rhodium plated white gold with 78 handset brilliant cut Top Wesselton diamonds. The ring is available for purchase in all sizes and in 14 or 18 carat gold and white gold.

Price depends on size and material and is available on request.