Responsible jewelry production & a sustainable future


Responsibility & a sustainable future

We want to strengthen and ensure a sustainable pattern of consumption and production in, and around our entire business. We know that there are many aspects of our journey towards becoming more sustainable, but we believe that it is a journey that we all need to take part in, and at Julie Sandlau we are on our way. We believe this is a necessary part of the experience when buying a piece of Julie Sandlau jewelry. You don't just buy a piece of jewelry - you buy a sustainable statement.

Our Factory

The factory was founded in Hanoi, Vietnam, in 2005 as a Danida supported project. Hundreds of local employees are educated in traditional Scandinavian goldsmithing traditions. This combination of superb craftsmanship, Danish design and the newest technology guarantees the finest quality of fine jewelry, and Sterling silver. Every step from A-Z, takes place at the factory with hands-on monitoring at every stage and quality control. Our Danish management team at the factory, has developed several Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and engaging in the local community and offering education to the local staff. We take great pride in our team in Hanoi.

Corporate Social Responsibility

- CSR - an absolute core value.
The employees at our factory work in a safe and responsible environment where well-being, health and education are given high priority. Everyone is offered the opportunity to be a member of a trade union and is offered several health benefits such as healthy lunch, medical health check, mammography screening for all female employees, HIV and contraception counseling as well as hygiene and first aid courses. The factory has several times won the award as 'Best Workplace in Hanoi' among 1000 companies in the district.

Quality Control

The fact that all Julie Sandlau Jewelry are produced in our own factory gives us complete control of every single step in the creation of each item. An important part of production is our thorough quality control. In between every step of the production, thorough quality checks are carried out, making sure jewelry with small errors are discarded. Each piece undergoes at least 9 quality checks before it is ready to leave the factory.

The Kimberley Certification

All of our diamonds are certified with “The Kimberley Certificate of Origin,” a certification developed by United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which guarantees that the diamonds are not mined from conflict zones.


The Responsible Jewellery Council

Since 2019, our factory has been a member of the Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC). In addition to joining a “code of practices” such as the United Nations Global Compact, RJC focuses specifically on a positive supply chain designed for the jewelry industry. By trading with other RJC members, we ensure the highest industrial standard in sustainable production and procurement.

Sparkling Memories

- A life filled with sparkling memories.

One of the things we love about jewelry is that it never fades, jewelry can be inherited from generation to generation. Jewelry carries great memories, and stories, and if you take good care of them, they can last an eternity. We strive to help our customers, taking care of their Julie Sandlau jewelry the best way possible. We want you to care for the jewelry you already bought from us, and not just encourage you to buy new jewelry. Our 16 concept stores offer a gold plating service, at reasonable prices, and specific guidance on how to give your jewelry a long life. We always offer to clean your jewelry free of charge in our concept stores, making sure your jewelry always looks its absolute best. We want you to carry your Julie Sandlau jewelry for many years and create sparkelig memories.

We believe that this is an important and responsible approach and a diametrical and necessary contrary to the throwaway culture.

Less Waste more Statement

To ensure an even bigger focus on our responsibility in the jewelry business, we decided to create limited collections out of left over pearls and stones. The concept is called “Less waste more statement”.

There will always be excess materials when you are working with production, but instead of wasting them, we create exclusive limited collections - sometimes only a few pieces. This way we ensure less waste and optimal exploitation of resources. We call it: ”Less is more.”


Our sustainable commitments

◦ We only use recycled precious metals for all products

 ◦ Our factory is a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, which ensures a commitment to a responsible supply chain and implementation of responsible business practices

◦ Full traceability and transparency throughout the supply chain - our own factory in Hanoi, Vietnam is always open for visits

◦ Resource efficiency – We use all our materials, we create small limited collections out of left over pearls and stones, to minimize waste and optimal exploitation of resources. We call it: ”Less is more.”

◦ Long term relationships with our suppliers throughout the entire supply chain

◦ We are highly committed to making better choices every day across the business to minimize our environmental impact

◦ We own every aspect of the production, including the factory, this way no part of the production is outsourced, making us able to obtain full control of every step of the production, and ensure the rights of the employees

◦ All of our diamonds are certified with “The Kimberley Certificate of Origin,” a certification developed by United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which guarantees that the diamonds are not mined from conflict zones

◦ Produce high quality of responsible jewelry to wear and love for longer 

◦ We carbon compensate our CO2 emission 

◦ Corporate Social Responsibility - Safe and responsible working conditions for our staff working on our factory, where wellbeing, health and education are given high priority.