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LUMI BY SANDLAU The new diamond collection

Lumi- the bringer of light - all styles in the collection have names such as Luster and Lumen. The word-play on luminosity is a reference to colorless diamonds, that are world famous for their brilliancy. The Lumi by Sandlau collection comprises fourteen exquisite pieces, each unfurling a myriad of possibilities, much like the versatile nature of light itself.

The Design

‘I always begin the design of a new collection with a pair of earrings, and I build the collection from there’, says Julie Sandlau.

Lumi by Sandlau offers multiple styling opportunities by selecting, combining, and intermingling for individual looks

 ‘What fascinates me is the variety of ways you can style them. It is possible to set two, three, or even four earrings side by side, creating one large earring for a special occasion. Our goal is a sustainable business framework, covering production to consumption and this collection exactly showcase this’

One of the key pieces, the Lumi Chandelier, is a long stiletto string of size-graduated 2.7-carat diamonds mounted in gold bezel settings, with an almost unheard-of flexibility.

True to Julie Sandlau’s DNA, the earrings follow the curvature of the ear, giving a swan-like floating feel to pieces. These refined design elements resonate harmoniously across the entire collection.

The Diamond

All pieces in the Lumi by Sandlau collection are set with traceble Top Wesselton Brilliant Cut Diamonds, known for their remarkable whiteness.

From the graceful Luster necklace, showcasing a delicate 0.12-carat floating diamond, to the ambitious Lumi collier, adorned with a total of 4.4 carats, the collection offers a range of elegant pieces 


Our own factory was founded in 2005 in Hanoi, Vietnam, as a Danida supported project. Hundreds of local employees are educated in traditional Scandinavian goldsmithing traditions. It involves a combination of skill, precision, attention to detail, and dedication to produce high-quality.By the time each piece of jewelry is ready to leave the factory, it would have undergone at least nine quality checks.The combination of superbcraftsmanship, Danish design,quality control,and the newest technology guarantees the finest quality. 


We have been on a sustainability journey since 2005. All our pieces are produced in our own Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC*) certified factory, enabling us to uphold the highest standards of quality control, responsibility, and sustainability throughout our supply chain.

*RJC is the world’s leading sustainability standard setting organisation for the jewellery and watch industry.

The Gold

All pieces from Julie Sandlau are made of recycled gold or white gold. Through the exclusive use of recycled gold, we recover precious metals for an eternal life.

Sustainability is fundamental to the Julie Sandlau jewelry experience. You're not just buying jewelry,you're investing in a sustainable statement.

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