Gift card

Buy a Julie Sandlau gift card

Pamper someone you love with a gift card from Julie Sandlau. Whether the gift is to celebrate a special occasion or you just want to show love and consideration, a gift card is always a good idea. The gift card can be used on all our online items, and the recipient can therefore freely choose from our selection of beautiful items.

How does the gift card work?

When buying a gift card, choose a recipient. The recipient will then receive a personal message and code, which will give them a discount corresponding to the selected amount. The discount is deducted from the total amount when they enter the code in the basket.

Where can the gift card be used?

The gift card can only be used online at our international shop:

If you instead want a gift card that can be used in our physical stores, you must buy this in your nearest Julie Sandlau store. You will find an overview of these here.

The gift card works on sale items, but cannot be combined with other discount codes.